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You know, in my profession, I get to go to some interesting places and meet even more interesting people and I always have tons of stories to tell when I get back. While words on a page are never as interesting as a live story, I will do my best to keep you intrigued and laughing (after all laughter is the medicine for the soul). So go ahead, feel free, live vicariously through me. I promise you'll enjoy every minute of it. Disclaimer: Post will not only consist of trips that I have taken but will also include people who are a trip. That is all! Enjoy!

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SkyCadetKay here, I needed a space and a place to write about the interesting life of a flight attendant. Ok, Ok so it's not all that interesting but I sure can make it out to be. I will admit that some of the stories I write may be a little embelished (don't judge me, we all know a few embelishments make us enjoy life a little more. Why else would people watch shows like TMZ?)but most importantly they will be enjoyable. This is the first time I've ever done a blog and I feel like I am just now catching up to the 21st century. (We are still in century 21 right? Or did we graduate to the 22nd) Anywho, read away and be sure to tell me what you think.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My latest trip

Welcome to the world of aviation!  Well, I've been here for a while but seem to keep experiencing new and exciting (or not so exciting) adventures.  How can an adventure be dull you ask?  Well let me share.  First let me start by saying "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY GIG" so that it's not misconstrued or taken out of context.  I think it's safe to say, even when you do something you love you finds certain characteristics about it you would love to change, right?  Right!

As we were, so on Thursday of last week I put my foot in my mouth by posting on facebook, "Is in utter awe, I have the weekend off. I don't know what to do with myself."  Well, I spoke to soon, way to soon.  At 5:45pm on Friday I received a call from dispatch to brief me for a flight headed to Bloomington, IL.  What!  Really!  So not only do I not have the weekend off and can't do Girls Night Out like I planned but I have to spend the weekend in Bloomington, IL.  Whose idea of a sick joke is this.  No no no, not a joke at all.  Oh well, here we go.  Bloomington, Bloomington, what to do in Bloomington.  Not a darn thing.  So for all my future travelers broke down on the side of the road in Bloomington, to tired to continue driving, plane has a 5-6 hour delay, or you're just feeling adventurous and want to be a daredevil here's a little research to help your stay a little more ummmmmmmmm, enlightening?

Population: 76,610 (this is about the number of cars on the interstate on my way to teach preschool everyday in Nashville, TN I'm just saying)

Home of the Illinois Wesleyan University Titans a Liberal Arts School with 17 academic departments offering 50 majors and 476 courses.  It is also a NCAA Division III School that has had 111 Academic All-Americans since 1970 (now that's pretty impressive).

And for your entertainment the city offers: The Challenger Learning Center, Grady's Family Fun Park, The Pepsi Ice Center, U.S. Cellular Coliseum and Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym (Whew, that's so much excitement I can't contain myself... WoooooooooooWhoooooooooo)

I would be re missed if I did not mention that Bloomington is also the Home of the Nationally know Shakespeare Festival.  For more information on this lovely city you make check out http://www.cityblm.org/

Now, while I was unable to find a ton to get into in my short 36 hour stay in Bloomington I will tell you the people there were extremely accommodating.  My guest service crew member at the Holiday Inn was super friendly and helpful (although all 4 of the poor guys tires were slashed.  He must've been visited by Jasmine Sullivan) and both days we dined at the Buffalo Wild Wings adjacent to the hotel.  I do believe on both days half the towns population was eating there and in spite of the slew of people service was very prompt and friendly.

So if you're riding through or just looking for an adventure (loosely used) stop on in to good old Bloomington and enjoy Shakespeare and the rock wall.

That is all!